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Food For Thought


Are you the one who travels the nooks and corners of the world just to get the taste of authentic food? Or, do you get cranky if you don’t savour delicious meals during your stay in a hotel? Can good food boost your spirit immediately? Then you are definitely a foodie who doesn’t like to compromise the taste and quality of food during a hotel stay. This raises the question of which hotel to choose as you look for hotels before travelling. And we know it’s definitely the one that serves delicious food with many varieties and cuisines.

A hotel typically serves meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. From a simple toast to flavourful idli and sambar, a five-star hotel covers all kinds of famous food from various cuisines. If you are someone whose tongue tastes only Indian Food, then you may settle for the traditional hotels that specialize in local cuisines like Kerala and Punjabi ones. But if you prefer a sophisticated continental food like egg benedict or French toast, then a luxurious hotel that specializes in all kinds of exotic cuisines will suit your needs. Whether it’s Dosa or Donuts, a foodie definitely needs a hotel that serves fulfilling (both the heart and tummy) meals all the time.

But there are some hotels like Hotel Radha Prasad, one of the best star hotels in Thiruchengode and Erode, pride themselves being the king of serving luscious food of various cuisines to their guests. Starting from South Indian Cuisine to syrupy Chinese Cuisine, they offer a variety of mouth-watering dishes to their guests with amicable service. Apart from this, they also offer a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food equally for those who in need too. With this, you don’t need to worry about being the only vegetarian member of the family as you can get your stomach full too.

Being one of the best star hotels in Erode, Hotel Radha Prasad caters to the traditional Kongu Nadu Food in their celebrated Rooftop restaurant called “Jannal”. The specialty of this restaurant is that it prepares bewitching and succulent Kongu specials like pepper chicken and mutton curry with original spices and fresh ingredients. The taste and the service are so good that it makes our first-time guests into the regular ones. And if you got enough of our Kongu Classics, then you can always try out other plates and bowls of Chinese, North Indian, and Continental food too!

Apart from serving world-class food, Hotel Radha Prasad also serves a wide range of hot and cold beverages. The classic south-Indian filter coffee in the morning can instantly activate all the taste buds in your tongue. Freshly made and healthy juices and soups are available for all the fitness fans too. If you want to wind down the day with your friends and looking for a place to enjoy, then our in-house Handle Bar is here to serve you with many varieties of mocktails, cocktails, and other alcoholic beverages and let you enjoy your stay even more.

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